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Our analytics suite helps publishers write better product recommendations to diversify and increase commerce revenue.

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View performance in user-friendly charts to instantly analyze when readers are buying

See every item purchased by a reader after clicking on your recommendation

Explore best-sellers, sales and new releases from retailers to craft timely recommendations

Analyze billions of searches on retailer websites to stay a click ahead of consumer demand

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How Innovative Publishers Use Narrativ

US Weekly
How To Write A Best-Seller

Us Weekly grows commerce revenue 8X

The Strategist
How To Build An Evergreen Storefront

The Strategist triples revenue from every click

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What makes us different

Higher Rates

Instead of manually swapping out links, automatically update SEO stories with the best rates being offered by merchants.

No More Broken Links

30% of links from commerce publishers direct to out of stock pages. Automatically fix 404s to deliver a better experience.

30-Days, No Returns

Triple conversion rate by being credited for any influence you have on a purchase, just like Google.

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