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How to build a SmartShop

How to use Narrativ Chrome Extension

Step 1: Select your product

Navigate to any merchant that sells the product you want the SmartLink to go to and click the Narrativ extension button.


Step 2: Associate the link you’re creating with the article/edit name where the link will appear

You can do this in one of two ways:
1. Browse through the list of existing articles in the drop down, and click SMARTLINK to generate a link.


2. Create a new article by typing the article name and date in the space next to the gold “+” button, then click SMARTLINK to create a link.

Match the article title verbatim to your site, e.g., “The 15 Best Eye Creams 8/29/17” Distinguish between links that will be in newsletters vs. in articles by naming your newsletter edits “Newsletter Date Month”

This is the only way we can correctly attribute orders to the right channel in our analyses.


Step 3: Need to ensure the link only goes to one destination?

E.g., Is this link part of a direct sales deal? To make the link exclusive to your selected merchant page, click the lock icon.

Note that doing this will prevent us from being able to optimize your revenue and replace out of stock links.


Step 4: Create the SmartLink

Once you have clicked the blue SMARTLINK button, the link will automatically copy to your clipboard, and is ready for use in your article.

Type the line you want to hyperlink in your CMS (e.g. “Shop Now”). Then paste the SmartLink into the hyperlink.