Narrativ is building an internet designed for consumers, not monopolies

Grow Commerce 5X, not 5%

We solve the hard tech problems so publishers can focus on what they do best: creating thoughtful, entertaining, and useful stories about the products they love.

Discover the best products for your readers

There are more than 350 million products on the Internet -- which ones should you write about? 

Merchants on Narrativ’s platform share basket-level data from across their site in real-time so you can: 

Explore $20B of checkout data

See purchases driven by each link

Explore $20B of checkout data

Fix broken links in your recommendations

In a world dominated by shallow ephemera, we believe in the power of a great evergreen story. We fix your broken links and ensure that shoppers are never directed to an out of stock page, preserving the sustainability of SEO content.  

Premium retailers tap into search budgets to bid on your links and never dock our publishers for returns, regularly increasing conversion rate for our customers by 3X.



from CPC merchants in Narrativ’s network.


Revenue Per Click


from articles powered by Narrativ data.


Integrate your way

Whether you want to test ten links or ten-thousand, Narrativ has you covered. Our technology is CMS agnostic, flexes to all article formats and plays nice with all other technology partners. 

Chrome Extension

Solution type

Manual link creation- no developer work required

Integration work

Download it & create links!


Solution type

Automated Link Creation. Provides maximum data

Integration work

Add JS Tag to Site


Solution type

Server-side API. Provides maximum flexibility

Integration work

Integrate with API

Chrome Extension

Editorial integrity comes first

Narrativ is a technology platform, NOT an affiliate network. We vehemently reject any belly-fat ads, third party insertions or any technology that prioritizes revenue over user experience  

With Narrativ, you choose which retailers participate in auctions and can easily lock links, maintaining complete control of your reader journey.

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