1. Download the Extension on Chrome

On the Chrome Web Store search Narrativ for Publishers and click "+ ADD TO CHROME" The extension will be added to your chrome menu at the top right corner. Simply click on it and sign in with the credentials given to you and you will be ready to go!


2. Create a New Article

Creating a new article is easy on the Narrativ extension. Type your new article name with publication date (Beauty for Fall, 9/12/17) into the field at the bottom and SMARTLINK it!


3. Create a SmartLink

The Narrativ extension makes it easy to create SmartLinks. Simply find a product you want to feature on your favorite merchant site, use the extension to find the edit you want it to be featured in, and SMARTLINK it! Copy and paste the generated link into your site. 


4. Create an Exclusive Link

Use the extension to mark SmartLinks that should direct exclusively to a single merchant. 


To designate that a SmartLink is Exclusive, simply press the lock icon at the top of the extension before you SMARTLINK. You will see the "Dynamic" label change to "Exclusive" and then you continue to SMARTLINK as normal. Remember that Dynamic links allow all eligible merchants to bid, Exclusive links direct only to the original merchant URL. 

By default, all SmartLinks are dynamic and generate revenue by taking readers to the highest bidding merchant carrying the target product. However, if the Article is about a specific site sale, you might need all products in that story to direct only to that Merchant's site. In this case, links should all be marked as Exclusive and then only Merchant from which you generated the SmartLink will be eligible for the auction.