Honesty Pays

Brands use Narrativ’s technology to reach new shoppers through your unbiased recommendations, not sponsored content or ads.

Narrativ gives you the tools to get paid fairly for the revenue you drive, make it easy for your fans to shop, and match with your favorite brands. 

Our Tools


Affiliate platforms tell you you’re getting paid “10% commission,” but their technology doesn’t track all your sales. Narrativ’s OmniPixel does and puts you in the same league as Facebook and Google’s commerce infrastructure.

Match and work with brands specific to your values and interests. Never miss out on opportunities to collaborate and earn more revenue. No more spam from random brands that don’t make sense for your fans.

Brands give you credit for more sales on Narrativ’s platform. Plus, analyze how every single product recommendation converted over time and what customers actually ended up buying.

See what your fans are buying directly from your recommendations in real time.

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