Careers at Narrativ


Narrativ gives all creators and brands, not just the top 1%, the tools to win in the $50 billion creator economy. We’re building a world where consumers find what they need through voices as diverse as they are. 


We’ve been recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and one of Fast Company World’s Most Innovative Companies alongside giants like Google, Microsoft, and Slack. Do you share our vision for decentralizing the institutions that control the Internet today? Come join our team.

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Our Values

Our values drive every action and decision at Narrativ - from how we build, hire, and scale, to how we communicate with each other and our customers. They are our foundation.


Integrity is the center of Narrativ. It means approaching any situation with a clear intention and focused attention. It requires honesty - and to be honest we must be fully ourselves. Integrity reaffirms authenticity and individuality. Integrity shows up (as does its absence) in everything you do. It asks you to always act as if whatever you’re doing matters. And it means you don’t make excuses if things go awry.


Excellence means striving toward the best version of each task, however big or small. It asks of you not just what is necessary, but what is possible. People who are excellent dare to struggle and dare to win. It doesn’t mean we’re always perfect, rather in a constant process of striving towards the highest expression of every action we take. Excellence is not an accident. It requires focus and when truly embodied, it’s repeatable.


Service in its simplest sense means to help others, whether a colleague, client, or consumer. To do this well requires empathy, imagination and confidence. It’s not servility. It doesn’t mean you need to work extra hours, though occasionally that might be something you give. True service doesn’t expect thanks. Service is having the curiosity to understand what’s needed and the generosity to give if you can, even if it’s outside the job you signed up for. To do this well requires that you can take the perspective of another and imagine what might be useful to them.


When we explore, we are often most ourselves—we’re curious, alert to possibilities. Exploration can help us experiment with new ideas; it can surface habits that no longer serve us. As we explore, everything is on the line but, paradoxically, nothing is taken too seriously. Exploring asks that we embrace the uncertainty that comes with freedom, and to see even difficult moments as invitations to imagine a better, more expansive way to be.

Team Before Self

We prioritize mission over individual KPIs. We don’t have time for egos. We’re here to listen to, champion, and improve one another. We’re each responsible for how our actions and presence shape the environment our teammates work in every day.

A word from our founder

“Narrativ is building technology that challenges the world we live in. Those who join our team should share our passion for fixing commerce and have the courage to challenge the status quo.”

Shirley Chen, Founder & CEO

Life at narrativ


We offer competitive salaries and cover 100% of health, dental and vision for employees. We also provide 12 weeks of fully covered parental leave.


We're growing 3-4X year over year (yes, you read that right) without throwing cash out the window.


We are dedicated to DEI - from our commitment to the 15% pledge across employees and Creators on our platform to amplifying our diverse team by matching 200% of all individual donations as a company.


We’ve invested in remote onboarding, provide all employees with a Work From Home stipend to make it easy to work from anywhere, and built out remote programming so we can all stay connected.