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We’re on a mission to build a better Internet for shoppers. If you endeavor to change the industry, talk to us.

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Our Values

Pursue Greatness

We’re here to pursue greatness, not settle for good enough. We challenge ourselves to be creative, innovate, and make the bold move that can redefine the trajectory of our company and redefine our industry.

Relentlessly Improve

We strive toward excellence and push its boundaries. We have the humility to learn from failure, and the resilience to get back up, transform, and try again a different way.

Challenge Assumptions

We’re intellectual athletes who think critically about the problems we’re solving. We make it our responsibility to challenge one another—to question assumptions, dive deeper, and push our thinking further to make better decisions and better products.

Outcomes, Not Checklists

Our roles are not just our job descriptions. We take ownership of the shared mission we signed up for and have the determination to do what it takes to achieve it. We’re not here to execute prescribed playbooks if it doesn’t move our business forward.

Team Before Self

We prioritize mission over individual KPIs. We don’t have time for egos. We’re here to listen to, champion, and improve one another. We’re each responsible for how our actions and presence shape the environment our teammates work in every day.

A word from our founder

“Narrativ is building technology that challenges the world we live in. Those who join our team should share our passion for fixing commerce and have the courage to challenge the status quo.”

Shirley Chen, Founder & CEO

Still Not Sold? Fine, We’ll Brag a Bit


We offer competitive salaries and cover 100% of health, dental and vision for employees.


We're posting triple-digit growth without throwing cash out the window.


We are building the world’s biggest product graph and rewiring the infrastructure of the internet.


We have weekly happy hours, and our Slack meme game is best in the business.