Narrativ is building an internet designed for consumers, not monopolies

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If you’re passionate about creating a better internet for shoppers and hungry to disrupt monopolies, we want to hear from you!

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Our Values

We relentlessly improve

We're driven by unbridled curiosity and a steadfast desire to continuously build a better team, product and company. Introspection is purpose-built into our workflow to ensure that we always get better while never losing sight of the "why"

We take disciplined risks

We're data-driven mavericks, continuously jumping our bikes over the Grand Canyon while being damn sure we do the calculus before we launch.

We continuously shatter the status quo but remain humbly grounded in facts, constantly measuring our experiments.

We place team before self

The most important investment we make is in bettering each other. We practice compassionate candor, recognize and celebrate our wins and pick each other up after tough days.

We respect the mission

We embrace the audacity of our mission to build a better internet for shoppers.

We come to work every day not to make a marginal improvement to an existing industry but to fundamentally create a new ecosystem for publishers, advertisers, and consumers alike.

Still not sold? Fine, we'll brag a bit