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Narrativ is the marketplace for unbiased product recommendations.

Our technology turns expert recommendations into a brand safe, multi-billion acquisition channel.

02 A better path

The brand growth playbook from 2015 is dead – consumer ad fatigue and the rising cost of platforms has made CAC unsustainable.

Narrativ built a new, scalable channel by connecting brands to product recommendations from premium publishers who influence billions of dollars in sales every month.

03 How we’re different

Why Narrativ?

Get Your Products Recommended More

Collaborate with publishers by showcasing best-sellers, new products and sales to drive more organic coverage of your products.

Manage All Your Recommendations

Our technology instantly connects you to all of your recommendations in content—win traffic back to your site or send it to your retail partners.

No coupon sites or clickbait

We automatically fix out of stock links and only work with the most trusted publishers in commerce to deliver a better brand experience.

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