1. Creating a New BAMbox

On the BAMbox landing page, click on "+ Create New BAMbox". Name your BAMbox either by selecting an existing edit or creating a new one. No need to repeat the Edit name within the BAMbox field -- we suggest naming your BAMbox either by article position (e.g., BAMbox 1, BAMbox 2) or by product grouping (e.g., Clothing, Accessories, Shoes). 


2. Adding a New Product

Add a product URL and image URL for each product. You can use an image URL or upload directly from your computer (supported formats: PNG, GIF, JPG).


Hint: The fastest way to add in an image is by copying it from the merchant site. Right click on the image and select "copy image address." 


3. Customizing and Publishing Your BAMbox

To change the number of products featured, adjust product size from the 140px default. The live preview will show you the size of the images as you make adjustments. Once you are happy click “Publish” in the top right corner and paste the generated code into your CMS - you’re done!

What if I want to change my BAMbox once it is published? 

Once the code is pasted in your story, you can republish a BAMbox with changes directly from the Dashboard without having to update the code on site. Once you republish, it will take ~15 minutes for the changes to appear on your site.