Narrativ is building an internet designed for consumers, not monopolies

should I buy?”

Every product has a story.

Narrativ builds technology for product makers and storytellers to make better recommendations for billions of shoppers.


Narrativ is the platform for product recommendation

More than 12 billion shoppers search for product recommendations every month before they buy.

Commerce publishers produce the most sophisticated recommendations on the internet, serving as the modern storefront for shoppers to discover products.

But today’s fastest-growing shopping channel is being built on yesterday’s technology. At Narrativ, we’re tackling the industry’s toughest tech challenges to improve the value of every recommendation, creating a better internet for shoppers.


For Publishers

Better technology

Automatically fix broken links, update price and stock status and connect to search marketing budgets from premium merchants

Better tracking

Triple conversion rate by getting credited for every purchase influenced by your content in the last thirty days with no penalty for returns

Better data

See which individual recommendation drove sales and analyze every item a shopper bought after clicking on your recommendation to understand the full shopper journey


For Merchants

Discover a new channel you’ve been ignoring right below SEM -- find shoppers as they’re researching the products you sell on page 1 of Google

Bonus: Turn Amazon’s biggest acquisition channel into yours.

Driving results for omnichannel brands

$5M in revenue

from unlocking content channel

Own 97% of product mentions

in content by using Narrativ

Let's build a better internet for shoppers

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