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The world is changing fast, and shoppers need guidance.

Narrativ is the marketplace for unbiased product recommendations.

We turn honest recommendations into a multi-billion-dollar acquisition channel.

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Brands who make amazing products

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finding a pair with this particular look that fits my wide face is a rare and precious thing.

If you want something low-key, you can't do better... the fragrance for guys who think they don't like fragrance.

requires very little water, making it perfect even for those of us with a notorious "black thumb."

this aggressively rhinestoned shell has garnered the most compliments I've ever received… and it only costs $11.

glassware that will make just about anyone smile...and a great way to say, “You’re the life of the party.”

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We're building a better internet for shoppers

We believe the best recommendations add unique product knowledge and consumer value.

Our technology repairs out-of-stock links and 404s so no consumer has to shop through broken experiences.

We’re building a path for shoppers to discover more brands, not just monopolies.

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