Content marketing, meet AI

Our AI transforms real content into organic ads.
We call this Narrative advertising.

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How do you keep up with the speed of the feed?

The old solution: constantly create new sponsored content. Narrativ's AI offers something smarter.

We transform authentic content into organic ads on our network of premium publishers. Narrativ's programmatic technology enables you to conquest the competition.


Imagine content marketing driven by artificial intelligence.

Narrativ's AI unlocks your banner blind audiences. Our patent-pending SmartLinks are not Ad-Blocked.

We built innovation into content marketing - achieving 10X the click through rate of traditional banner and display ads.

Bottom line: We hook your consumers with why your products matter and why they should buy. Then we direct them to you.

Narrativ’s innovative technology and publisher network have given us unprecedented value. They’ve become one of our most important and effective acquisition channels.
— VP of Marketing, Dermstore

Publishers, keep your content evergreen.

Narrativ measured link rot - those pesky 404s - and discovered that consumers encounter dead product pages 30% of the time.

Your content is evergreen. Our Smart Link AI makes sure your links are too.

Narrativ’s AI brings editorial and programmatic performance together - a content marketing platform that’s the first of its kind.
— Head of Business Development, New York Magazine

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