Narrativ is building an internet designed for consumers, not monopolies

“What should
I buy?”

Retail’s trillion-dollar question is missing structured data.

Narrativ is a machine learning platform that connects products with the content written about them.


100 million product nodes and counting...

Over the last 3 years, Narrativ discovered 1 million unknown relationships between 100 million products and content.

Publishers and merchants have been manually linking to each other without the multiplying power of a network. Narrativ’s team isn’t afraid of doing the invisible dirty work of connecting all products on the Internet so anyone can benefit.


For Publishers

New dollars without new content

Narrativ’s technology introduces incremental revenue at better rates to your SEO content

Your readers, mapped to every link

Constantly improve your recommendations based on real-time carts and search trends

Keep your content evergreen

Narrativ has an award-winning machine learning algorithm that fixes 404s


For Merchants

Discover a new channel you’ve been ignoring right below SEM -- find shoppers as they’re researching the products you sell on page 1 of Google

Bonus: Turn Amazon’s biggest acquisition channel into yours.

Let's build a better internet for products

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