Narrativ is making content dynamic with our award-winning technology.

Moving Search Forward


Narrativ is making content dynamic with our award-winning technology


Shoppers are looking for the “best"


Searches for “best” products have grown 80% in the last two years. Today's shoppers are seeking an emerging class of commerce publishers to answer these questions.

Narrativ connects consumers with real time pricing and demand to move search forward.

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Advertisers, let’s break a monopoly

Commerce content is a $60bn channel that drives 3X the traffic of paid search to today’s top 100 retailers.

You’ve been locked out because a single advertiser monopolizes 65% of this channel, their dominance hardcoded due to static links.

Narrativ’s technology democratizes advertiser access to this inventory.

Narrativ’s innovative technology and publisher network have given us unprecedented value. They’ve become one of our most important and effective acquisition channels.
— VP of Marketing, Dermstore

Publishers, unlock incremental dollars

Harness your value as an acquisition channel. Narrativ's technology increases the value of every pixel on your site and lifts revenue on every page by 5X.


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